19 June 2021
support and resistance level

Support and Resistance levels

what you read here:1 What are the support and resistance levels?1.1 Identifying support and resistance levels2 Support and resistance lines2.1 How to draw support and resistance […]
21 June 2021
pivot point

Pivot Point – a tool to determine market movement

A Pivot Point helps you determine the most suitable entry point for the Forex market.
21 June 2021
us dollar flying high

The US Dollar is flying high

The US dollar resumed its upward move on Friday and experienced the best performance of the year 2021 up to now. This rally happened after the […]
22 June 2021
trading or investing

Trading or investing? Which one is more profitable?

Traders take more risks to gain profits faster, but investors prefer to invest their money in an asset and wait for a long time to achieve their financial goals with lower risk levels.
29 June 2021

What is an indicator?

indicators help you predict future prices in a market. based on their performance they are divided into leading, sequential and simultaneous indicators.
29 June 2021
cryptocurrency wallet

What is a cryptocurrency wallet? Introducing different types of cryptocurrency wallets

there are 2 different type of digital currency wallets. cold and hot wallets. hot wallets are online but cold wallets are offline. cold wallets are more secure and hot wallets are easy to use.
29 June 2021
forex chart

An introduction to forex chart

forex charts help you predict future prices based on past prices. there are several types of charts, such as linear. bar or candlestick charts. each one of them have their own unique features.
1 July 2021
hard fork and soft fork

Introducing forks with a look at hard and soft forks

A fork is made based on some disagreements in the developing team or some security reasons and it is divided into soft and hard forks. hard fork leads to the creation of a new cryptocurrency but a soft fork leads to some changes in a cryptocurrency.
1 July 2021
moving average

what is the Moving average?

Moving Average is one of the simple tools used for technical analysis and it allows traders to detect and find the direction of trends. There are 2 types of moving averages which are called EMA and SMA.
6 July 2021
technical analysis

What is technical analysis, and what is its application?

technical analysis investigates market behaviors by studying price charts, moving average prices, total trading volume and open trading volume, pattern formation and other technical indicators. in this method traders use these information to predict future prices.