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200% – $400 Bonus Plan at DeltaFX Broker

With the goal of offering traders worldwide, particularly in the Middle East, the best services possible, DeltaFX Broker has been a professional broker since 2004. Its success over the years can be attributed to the faith that users have placed in this broker. In this field, it has won significant international accolades.

At DeltaFX, we’ve always worked to earn fully your trust by giving traders access to cutting-edge services and ongoing development. To help users fully utilize their potential in the currency market, we optimized and tailored campaigns in this field.

The following are the general terms and conditions for using these campaigns:

  • All plans are available for use between December 1, 2023, and March 1, 2024. During this time, users can charge their standard account (up to the amount specified in each campaign) and it will remain active for 30 days. You will be able to use the campaign for the remaining days if there are less than thirty days between the moment your account is charged and the campaign’s termination date.
  • The campaign is activated on the Delta FX server after 12:00 AM, and transactions made before to this time are not taken into account for campaign calculations. This process begins when the user submits a request to join the campaign.
  • Every bonus can only be used once, on the initial deposit made following the campaign’s launch.
  • Participants in these campaigns will no longer be able to access their account to obtain trade cashback.
  • The bonus will be immediately taken from users’ accounts after they make their first withdrawal.
  • You may remove yourself from the campaign and rejoin it at any time. It should go without saying that each user is limited to one active campaign. It should be mentioned that each natural or legal person is only permitted to use the bonus with a single account, and that the system will close accounts created by those who attempt to use numerous accounts.
  • In the event that a user abuses the incentive plan, DeltaFX Broker has the authority to remove the bonus and profit from the guilty user’s and their associates’ accounts. It also has the authority to determine whether to continue working with the offending individuals at its discretion.

We shall proceed to introduce one of the most appealing campaigns once you have read and agreed to the general terms of the campaigns.

200% bonus – $400

  • Any individual who recently created an account during the plan’s validity term or who previously held an account with Delta FX Broker is eligible to use this offer.
  • To trigger the bonus, the standard account must be charged with a minimum of $200. The bonus has a set value and won’t be applied to those who charge less than $200. Additionally, if someone charges more than $200, a 400 dollar losable and withdrawable balance will be activated.
  • The award will become a withdrawable balance if the user’s permitted trading volume hits the required majority of 100 trading lots.
  • Trades on the gold symbol and trades lasting longer than five minutes are permitted to earn bonus balances; other trades just have an impact on the user’s account’s growth.

The guide to receive the bonus

1- Once you have logged into your user panel or have joined the Delta FX broker, take the following actions: campaigns – General

1 camp

2- Check the list of accounts and adapt to the conditions of the campaign. (If the account you select doesn’t fit the campaign’s requirements, you’ll need to establish a new one.)


2 camp

3- Click the “select” and “join” options to choose the trading account that meets the campaign’s requirements.

3 camp

4- After joining the campaign, you will receive a welcome message.

4 camp

5- You can now examine the details of the campaign by going to the campaign details page.

5 camp

6- Enter the Bonus Setting tab to find out about the bonus conditions.

6 camp

7- You can review the terms and profit withdrawal under the Remove Fund tab.

7 camp
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