technical analysis of US Dollar to Franc Swiss 4 may 2023

Technical analysis of USDCHF on 4-hour timeframe: 05/04/2023

deltawriter 4 May 2023

on the technical analysis of the USDCHF currency pair, a bullish butterfly pattern can be observed. Crossing the range of 0.88051 to 0.88353 indicates the uptrend of this currency pair. It is expected that by surpassing the defined range, the resistance levels of 0.88954 and then 0.89764, and ultimately 0.91028 will be touched.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that market fluctuations and the impact of news and fundamental analysis can significantly affect price movements. So, it’s advisable to examine all the influential factors before entering any trade.

technical analysis of USDCHF 4 may 2023
technical analysis of USDCHF 4 may 2023

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