Technical analysis of the EURUSD currency pair; 25-12-2022

Deltafx Admin 26 December 2022

In the long term, the price continues to move in a neutral range between 1.06613 and 1.05787. The failure at this level indicates the long-term trend of this currency pair.

Important levels next week EURUSD currency pair; 25-12-2022

In this section we will examine the technical levels of currency pairs and important market symbols, the levels whose failure can determine the trend of the market next week, and which you can use as profit and loss limits in your transactions.

EURUSD (Close Price Last week is 1.06139)

(0.98661, 1.01085, 1.03524, 1.06067, 1.07843, 1.9369, 1.11200)

Technical analysis of the EURUSD currency pair
Technical analysis of the EURUSD currency pair

EURUSD Fibonacci Pivot Point Levels

These levels are one of the most important tools for traders, prepared based on market fluctuations and the closing and opening levels of candles in different time frames. It is possible to change them during the coming week with market fluctuations, higher time frames will be for longer term transactions and their change in the next week requires more fluctuations and also the failure of the previous levels.

Time FrameS3S2S1PPR1R2R3
Technical analysis of the EURUSD currency pair

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