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DeltaFX, The Most Reliable Broker

admin 1 November 2021

We never dream about success; we work for it! Once again, we proved our reliability. DeltaFX is proud to announce achieving the Most Reliable Forex Broker award in the Smart Vision Investment Expo 2021.

This exhibition hosts many companies from more than 20 countries every year. DeltaFX attended this international event as a special sponsor. In addition, many other investors and companies from all over the world participated this exhibition. This time it took place in Hilton Cairo Heliopolis Hotel in a country with a several-thousand-year civilization, Egypt. This exhibition provided many companies the opportunity to present their latest services and achievements in financial markets. Also, many investors from all over the world had the opportunity to interact with each other and, of course, with these companies.

DeltaFX is beginning a new era. Achieving two awards in reputable exhibitions in less than a month indicates our outstanding progress. Just a few weeks ago, we managed to win the award for the Best Broker in the Middle East, and it was also a great honor for us.

DeltaFX has a long history in the Forex world and has always offered great services to users. We have enabled our clients to trade various currency pairs, stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, etc. Reliability is the precondition for trust. Your trust in our broker helped us attract a considerable number of traders to our broker over the years. This is just the beginning of our journey, and we will keep being the best broker forever, even at higher levels. Reliability takes years to create, and this award shows how passionately we worked for years to satisfy our clients.

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