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cashback offer for DeltaFX users

admin 15 September 2021

Considering the competitiveness of spreads and at the request of the old DeltaFX broker clients, this broker has offered discounts on trading spreads with a cashback plan to satisfy its customers.

Terms of use of this excellent plan are as follows:

1.         They are granted to holders of standard trading accounts.

2.         In closed positions (when it is not a scalp trade), $2 per lot is paid automatically after the position is closed.

3.         It will be added to the client balance as a deposit and will be tradable.

4.         It will be credited to the client’s same trading account.

5.         The trader himself can only withdraw this amount.

6.         It is paid automatically without the need for a request from the client.

7.         No amount will be paid to the IB from the commission.

DeltaFX Broker is always ready to provide unique and attractive services to satisfy and benefit its clients.

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