What is Technical Indicator in Stock Market? and Type of Indicator

admin 29 June 2021

Technical Indicators are considered as a tool that has a great role in boosting your share in the forex market. If you recently joined the Forex market or have been operating in this market for a long time, you must have come across the indicator’s name. An indicator is defined in its literal meaning.

As a trader trading in the world’s largest financial market, you should know what an Technical Indicator is and what role it plays in opening or closing trading positions because it can have a significant impact on taking advantage of this market.

One of the important tools in technical analysis is the Technical Indicator, which provides users with practical information on the market trend by using mathematical calculations and considering the stock price and trading volume. Using indicators makes it possible to achieve appropriate signals for buying and selling.

The role of technical analysis in the use of indicators

To trade the Forex market, having enough knowledge in various fields, such as reviewing published news or using technical analysis, can help you achieve your business goals.

It seems that technical analysis is an appropriate method for acquiring and identifying assets in the Forex market, which tries to introduce the best and most appropriate method by evaluating the intended asset according to the chart trends.

Meanwhile, using technical analysis is a challenge for many people who have recently joined the market.

indicator in technical analysis
An indicator is a type of tool for technical analysis in the forex market.

How to use an indicator in technical analysis?

Forex indicators are considered one of the methods of analyzing market data. By considering the price, volume and market performance, they seek to predict how the market will behave in the futures and the likelihood of repeating some trading patterns.

To make the point clear, we give you an example:

All of you use pedestrian lanes to cross the street. But have you ever noticed the signboards installed with the same use, of course, in the form of images and at a higher height next to these lines and in places such as in front of schools?

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Why do two indicators are placed together with the same application? If lines have faded over time in a way that is difficult to detect, drivers are unable to detect these lines, and in such a situation, traffic signs will guide them. The role of indicators in technical analysis is exactly like traffic signs, and they will help us make the right decision.

Different indicators based on their performance method

Indicators will operate with different names and methods depending on their type of use in different spaces. For example, technical indicator types are divided according to the time signal into the leading indicator, sequential indicator, and simultaneous or random indicators.

1) Leading indicator

If you are looking for a quick price prediction or a change of direction, using this indicator can be a good option. These technical indicators warn you as soon as prices move forward or change, so the error rate of these indicators is high.

2) Sequential indicator

As the name implies, this indicator will not perform well in short-term trends, so its application in long-term trends is important. Since the warnings are delayed, why should this type be used despite the existence of leading Technical Indicator? It should be noted that these indicators are more reliable due to the lack of cross-sectional direction change and greatly reduce trading risk.

3) Simultaneous or random indicators

These indicators are placed somewhere between the leading and sequential indicators. On the other hand, this type of Technical Indicator usually confirms or denies the information about the leading Technical Indicator, and as the name implies, it is examined during the formation of a trend.

In general, indicators are placed in different categories of trend, oscillator and volume indicators.

How much do you use the forex Technical Indicators in your strategies?

It is safe to say that indicators are currently one of the most popular tools that people use in their trading strategies. This tool can provide more trading opportunities and also make you achieve your trading goals.

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Remember that indicators cannot be selected alone and as a trading strategy because these tools will help you as a guide and give you an overview of market knowledge to understand the current situation. On the other hand, it has been repeatedly pointed out in the Forex market that without sufficient experience and knowledge, it will not be possible to benefit from this market.


Knowing Technical Indicators as a tool in the technical analysis area and the necessity of using them can help traders gain a good profit. However, the knowledge of traders about how to use technical analysis tools plays a key role. Indicators are classified differently according to the way they work. For more information about the types of indicators, you can read the article about different indicators on the DeltaFX website.

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