opening a trading account in DeltaFX broker

How to open an account in DeltaFX broker

deltafx writer 13 November 2021

In this article, we tell you about opening a trading account in DeltaFX Broker. The people who are new in the forex market do not know how to start trading. The first step is creating a trading account. Before having a trading account, choosing a suitable and reputable broker is particularly important. Opening an account in DeltaFX Broker has an easy and clear method. In the following, you will be familiar with different types of trading accounts, and we will teach you how to create them step by step.

Choosing a broker

As mentioned earlier, choosing the right broker is the first step for entering the Forex market. You cannot make the forex trades directly on your own. A broker acts as a bridge that connects you to a trading platform. Everyone in this field is looking for a broker that offers more outstanding services compared to other brokers based on customer needs. Reliability and good performance history are some other features of a good broker. Considering the scope of your trades, you can choose one of the best brokers in the forex market.

Now you know where to start, but you still do not know how to create a trading account. The next step is learning about the forex market. If you enter this market without having the correct information about opening or closing a trading position, you will immediately experience significant losses. You can use educational resources from beginner to advanced level on the DeltaFX blog.

Also, it is recommended that beginners first use the demo account to become more familiar with the Forex trading environment. The demo account is another service of Forex brokers that simulates real trading accounts and lets users try this environment before using the real money and real accounts. You can trade in this account, but you will not experience any losses because you do not use real money.

Opening a trading account in DeltaFX broker

If you want to open an account in DeltaFX broker, you must take the following steps to have one. The communication portal to any broker is its website. So, you can visit the official website of our broker by clicking on this link. After entering the main page, you will see the signup option on the top right corner of the page, and by clicking on which you will be directed to the registration page.

how to registration on deltafx
how to registration on deltafx

On this page, you must enter some information about your identity. After completing the form and clicking on the “Get Started,” a confirmation code will be sent to you. After the confirmation process, you will be directed to your trading booth.


In this step, you have completed the initial registration, and you will be able to see your trading account number at the top left of the page. But you still need to complete the registration process. Then click on the “complete profile” option.

completing profile

In this step, it is necessary to provide more information such as your address, birthday, etc. After filling in all the items, click on the “save and next” option.


Then you will be asked to upload documents related to your address and identity to assure the accuracy of the information entered in the following steps. After entering the information according to the image below and their confirmation, you will enter the page related to uploading documents.

final step

After completing this step and uploading the identity documents and address, your request will be sent to us, and after the final confirmation, you will be able to deposit money and start trading.

Various trading accounts in DeltaFX Broker

Knowing about the different types of trading accounts in DeltaFX Broker helps you get closer to your goal. Being aware of the details and services of each account enables you to choose the most appropriate type of account based on your activities.

Nano Account

You can open a Nano account with a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $1,000. The maximum leverage for Nano accounts is 1:1000, and the spread is floating.

Standard Account

As one of the complete accounts in DeltaFX, the Standard account does not charge traders any commissions. You can use up to 1:400 leverage for this account, and it is also swap-free, like all other accounts in DeltaFX.

Fixed-Spread Account

A Fixed-Spread account is almost the same as a standard account, but the spreads for this account are fixed.

VIP Account

The VIP account is a better option for clients who want to open an account with high funds. The minimum deposit for these accounts is $20,000, and the maximum leverage is up to 1:200.

You can read more details about these trading accounts here.


Now you know how you can open a trading account in DeltaFX account. By doing what we said step-by-step, you can easily create your trading account in a short time. Our support team is ready to answer your questions 24/7, so do not hesitate to contact us if you need help. If you have any questions about the fundamental or technical analyses, you can ask them and receive the answer in the shortest possible time. But as we said earlier in many other articles, before entering this market, make sure that you know everything and use the demo account to test your skills.

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