golden rules of trading

Golden Rules of Trading

admin 26 April 2022

Trading is not always easy, and every trader needs to be aware of trading strategies to be successful. Many novice traders always search the web or books to find the successful traders’ strategies. If you also want to know how professional traders trade, this article is for you. In this article, we gathered a set of unwritten rules as the golden rules of trading. Professional traders use such items to improve their trading performance. If you are a new trader, do not hesitate to use such tips for a second, and always try to use the experience of other traders.

Do Not underestimate trading plans

The main reason for losing money in financial markets is emotions. Sometimes, you may get greedy or try to compensate for what you lose based on your emotions. They will never help you get what you want and further increase your losses. A trading plan is a set of trading rules that you specify for yourself. No one else can write them down for you because everyone has their own specific situation. You may not know how to create a trading plan. In this case, you can have a look at other traders’ trading plans and customize them based on your situation. A trading plan must contain the entry or exit points of positions and help you minimize the risks.

Use technology

use technology in one of Golden Rules of Trading
use technology in one of Golden Rules of Trading

Taking advantage of any kind of technological tool improves your chances of making better trades. Charting tools allow traders to examine and analyze the markets in unlimited ways. Using historical data to backtest a concept minimizes costly mistakes. We can keep track of trading from anywhere now that we can get market information on our smartphones.

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A high-speed internet connection, for example, is a type of common technology that may significantly improve trade efficiency. Technology makes everything much easier and faster, enabling you to maximize your profit.

Never trade with a capital you cannot afford to lose

As a rule of thumb, you should never risk more money than you can afford to lose in the financial markets. The more money you have, the more you can invest without fear. There is no logic in investing money that might be needed to pay bills and cover your living expenses. Before engaging in any form of trading or investment, an investor’s basic life requirements must be met. Before investing, everyone should have emergency savings. In addition, never use borrowed money for trading. Losing borrowed money in a trade can double your losses.

Keep calm and look for the right opportunity

If you want to be a long-term trader in the trading industry, one of the most important items is to keep your cool. Stock trading is not for you, and you are not made for it if you lose patience frequently. Maybe this is more than one of the golden rules of trading because traders’ emotions greatly impact their activities.

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There may be instances when you don’t make any money and instead lose a portion of it, but don’t panic; Instead, wait for the ideal opportunity to act. Long-term trading can yield good returns. Sometimes traders can yield gains of more than 20 percent.

Learn and master different strategies separately

Never switch between trading styles. Prioritize mastering one style and strategy over becoming mediocre at several. Concentrate and work diligently to fully comprehend every aspect, irregularity, risk, and reward associated with different strategies. Do not be a Jack of all trades, and a master of none, since it is one of the most important principles of becoming a professional trader. 

Choose the right time frame

First, you need to think honestly about your personality. Are you a patient person, or do you want to see the results of everything as fast as possible? Then think about your lifestyle. Do you have much time for trading, or are you a busy person? Asking yourself such a question can help you find the right time frame for trading. A professional trader identifies the best time frame for his trades. In addition, knowing the proper time frame can assist you in improving your skills based on that.

Do not trade before the release of important news

Never underestimate the expected financial news or governmental decisions. Such news usually has a great effect on the markets. Breaking news can result in significant market volatility and unusual price movements. Usually, after important news, spreads are wider due to the high volatility. It is not suggested that novice traders remain in the market with open positions in such situations. Keep an eye on the economic calendar, monitor market reaction, and take appropriate action. You may be able to take advantage of these events when you are more experienced, but for now, do everything based on your trading plan!


These are some of the golden rules of trading that every trader must follow to succeed. Try to keep them in mind and apply them in your trading activities to get the best results. Neglecting these rules can only lead to big losses.

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