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What Are Forex Robots? Are Forex Fobots Profitable

admin 1 November 2021

A forex robot is a trading software that is able to take trading decisions automatically. Most trading robots work based on the MetaTrader platform. Traders call them expert advisers, but you can automatically program them to do anything you want on a trading platform. They can guide you, provide trading signals or even trade your behalf. These robots are not perfect, and all of them are not made by reliable sources. So, you should be careful about their pros and cons before letting them access your money.

Different types of forex robots

What Are Forex Robots? Are Forex Fobots Profitable
What Are Forex Robots? Are Forex Fobots Profitable

In general, there are two types of forex robots. The first type is fully automated, and the second type is semi-automated.

  • Fully automated forex robots: these forex robots scan and monitor a market to spot trading opportunities. They can make trades entirely on their own based on some defined rules. In addition, they can automatically specify a stop-loss and a take-profit level when making trades. The fully automated forex robots are very fast; they don’t undergo emotions and save traders a lot of time. However, it would be best to always keep an eye on them because they do not act as moneymaker machines. You need to monitor them and solve some issues regularly.
  • Semi-automated forex robots: the semi-automated robots use some predefined computer programs to analyze markets and spot trading opportunities. Then after finding the right opportunities, it will send a combination of entry points, stop-losses, and take-profits to the trader. Here traders must decide to make a trade or ignore the signals. The semi-automated robots can analyze the markets quickly too. They just do not make any transactions without traders’ permission. With this method, traders can control everything and make all the decisions.

Pros and Cons of using a forex robot

Many traders buy forex robots and use them on a daily basis. But you should know that they are not flawless, although they provide us with many advantages. Usually, novice traders try to use forex robots because they think robots can help them make a lot of money in a short time.

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But it does not happen all the time. They must have a sufficient amount of knowledge before entering the forex market and using these robots. Here you can see some of the pros and cons of these forex robots.

Pros of using a forex robot

  • They can be operative all the time: human traders need to rest, do their chores, eat, go out for any other activity. However, forex robots do not have such needs, and they work and trade on behalf of us 24/7.
  • Robots are not subjective: in general, emotions such as stress, fear, greed, etc., may have a negative impact on traders. The forex robots do not undergo such emotions, and they act entirely objective. You can define a task for them, and they will do it without any kind of hesitation.
  • They are fast: when you specify some rules for them, they will act based on them all the time, and they do everything insanely fast. Finding signals, making decisions, and trades can not be executed quickly by humans.
  • Multitasking nature of forex robots: robots are great at multitasking, and they work much more efficiently than humans. They can find the entry points and specify stop-loss and take profit levels in a few seconds. They can also have an eye on different markets simultaneously.
  • Ease of use: All traders can use them easily; however, you should have some basic knowledge before doing so.

Cons of using a forex robot

  • They need a perfect internet connection: these robots run on PCs, and they need a constant and fast internet connection to perform efficiently. They are also vulnerable to viruses and hackers. A forex robot without the internet is like a human trader without oxygen.
  • Robots cannot understand fundamental analyses: they may be great at interpreting technical analyses, but they know nothing about the fundamental ones. News and events usually have a large impact on prices, but forex robots cannot use them.
  • Forex robots trade in very short time frames: they make many short-term trades and collect small profits. Some brokers don’t allow such a trading style, so you should be aware of the brokers’ policies.
  • They do not perform well in non-trending markets: when there is no specific trend in a market, they may make mistakes.
  • Some robots are scams: you should be careful about the sellers of forex robots. Some of them are designed to steal your money.

How much does a forex robot cost?

The prices of forex robots vary considerably. Some of them are less than $100, and some others may cost several hundred dollars. Buying a forex robot is like an investment. They help you make money, so it is better to find the best forex robots possible, no matter how much they cost. If you do not want to spend much money on a robot, you should be extra careful when you use it.

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The forex market is a market where only experienced traders can spot trading opportunities correctly. However, forex robots can help traders do the same thing to an acceptable level. Believing the fact that you can sit on a chair and watch a forex robot make trades for you is a bit difficult, but it is true. But it is not as simple as it seems. As we said earlier, you have to monitor them to prevent their mistakes because they are not flawless.

Successful trading requires a lot of experience and skills, and robots cannot replace them. Using robots is not always the best choice for new traders, and they can use demo accounts to practice everything on their own. A professional and experienced trader can act so much better than the best forex robots.

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