Common Questions and Their Answers in DeltaFX Broker

deltafx writer 4 December 2021


1.how can I receive a bonus?

Bonuses vary based on the clients’ introducers. Please send the name of your introducer and the type of bonus to our support team.

2. Which accounts can receive a bonus?

Standard accounts with a maximum of 1:200 leverage.

3. Does the broker currently have any active bonus?

The active bonuses will be announced on the website.

4. Can I withdraw the bonuses?

No, you cannot withdraw the bonus, but you can withdraw the profit you make using the bonus.

5. How can I withdraw the profit of the bonus?

You can withdraw the profit of the bonus if you follow the related conditions. First, you need to transfer your profit from your trading login to your wallet and then send a request for withdrawing that amount.

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