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A report from Forex Expo Dubai 2022 and the presence of Delta FX

deltawriter 12 March 2023
Start Date: 19/10/2022 End Date: 20/10/2022

Forex Expo Dubai is one of the most important exhibitions in the field of foreign exchange and financial
investments in the world, especially in the Middle East region, held every year in this city. This year, as in
previous years, the broker Delta FX was invited to participate in this exhibition, which finally received
the award of the most innovative broker in the Middle East in 2022. Together, we will read a description
of Dubai Forex Expo.

Forex Expo Dubai 2022

You may wonder what Forex is that attracts so many notable investors from around the world. In fact,
Forex is the world’s largest decentralized financial market for currency exchange. The United Arab
Emirates has been striving to become a center for business and investment in the world for years. For
this reason, they have held a prestigious exhibition called Forex Expo in Dubai in recent years. The
organizers of Forex Expo invite the biggest investment companies, the most famous brokers in the world
and the most famous IBs and traders in the world to participate in this event.

At this exhibition, participants present their latest achievements and provide a place for discussion,
dialog and cooperation between brokers and other service providers in the field of forex trading. The
exhibition focuses on B2B communication to introduce service providers, technology, marketing
companies and CRM, as well as B2C communication between brokers and IBs, large and small traders.

On the last day of this exhibition, the best of the Forex world in 2022 were selected by judges and
experts and awarded prizes.

Delta FX Brokerage is a Forex broker that was present at the 64th session of this exhibition and was able
to establish a close relationship with large technology companies and investors. On the last day of this
exhibition, on October 28, 2022, Delta FX Broker won the title of the most innovative broker in the
Middle East. It should be noted that Delta FX broker started its operations in 2009 and during all these
years it has been able to establish itself in the foreign exchange market by providing continuous and
professional services to traders. Delta FX broker has received other awards in recent years, including the

The Best Broker in the World in 2021
The best broker in the Middle East in 2021
The best broker for digital currencies in 2022
The best broker in terms of customer support in 2021
The most innovative broker in the Middle East in 2022
The award for the most influential financial personality in the Middle East in 2022 went to the CEO of Delta FX

In addition to the award won by the broker Delta FX. The CEO of this broker, Mr. Omid Asefi, was also
able to receive the award of the most influential figure in the financial markets in the Middle East 2022.
Omid Asefi, who is known as one of the greats of global foreign exchange trading, was also able to win
the award of one of the 50 most influential figures of the global financial markets in 2022 at the last
exhibition. By focusing on the progress of Delta FX Broker over the past 13 years, he has made the
brokers name known among traders around the world.

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