Selection of the best forex market experts in the Middle East 2022

The prize for the best broker in the Middle East 2021 was awarded to DeltaFx

deltawriter 12 March 2023
Start Date: 29/09/2021 End Date: 30/09/2021

Forex Expo is one of the most prestigious exhibitions in the field of Forex, which was held in Dubai on
September 29 and 30. We are pleased to inform you that Delta FX was awarded with the Middle East
Best Broker Award. This important event was not possible without your support, dear users. Together,
and with the support of your long-standing trust, we are trying to achieve further successes.

The biggest event that financial markets face every year is undoubtedly the organization of specialized
exhibitions in this field. These exhibitions give people the opportunity to meet each other up close and
learn about the latest achievements of various companies. At Forex Expo 2021, Dubai based broker
Delta FX managed to win the award for the best broker in the Middle East.

In today’s world, investing in various business activities always involves risks and opportunities, which
requires a comprehensive and detailed consideration, as well as the selection of the best companies in
this field to carry out trading. Generally, such exhibitions are established with the aim of introducing the
latest services in Forex in areas such as trading currency pairs, stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities,
CFDs, etc., and creating a constructive relationship between the broker and the client.

Omid Asefi, the influential face of 2022

In this context, it is worth mentioning the IFX Expo exhibition, which was held in Dubai on May 19 and
20 this year and is one of the most important and largest events in the fintech sector. This exhibition,
which has been held for 10 years and since 2012, is held in two sections: in Asia and globally. What
distinguishes this type of exhibitions from others is the economic-commercial aspect. This prompts not
only Forex companies, but also banks and their affiliated institutions, as well as all financial
organizations to offer their latest and most unique services.

2021 Forex Expo Dubai

Considering that the popularity of these financial organizations is increasing, the reception of these
exhibitions is not only on a regional level, but also on an international level. Broker Delta FX was also
actively represented at this exhibition, as in previous periods. The second round of this series of
exhibitions was held under the name Forex Expo and offered specialized services in the world of Forex.

This event was held on September 29 and 30 at Hall No. 6 of the Dubai World Trade Center, and more
than 200 global brands participated. Since the first time of these exhibitions until now, every year we
have observed the great presence of brokerage firms and traders at both beginner and advanced levels
in this event. The presence of more than 80 speakers who gave lectures on the future of financial
markets was also one of the other strengths of this exhibition. What was given more attention during
this period was the issue of maintaining public health of all participants (due to the epidemic of Corona
virus in recent years) in the exhibition, which by following all health tips and protocols, a safe and free
space from any It brought disease to the participants of this course. Dubai’s largest forex event 2021
was held with free admission and open to the public.

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