All About Forex Expo Dubai 2022

All About Forex Expo Dubai 2022

admin 5 November 2022
Start Date: 19/10/2022 End Date: 20/10/2022

Forex Expo Dubai 2022 is the largest business event in the Middle East, held every year in World Trade Tower in Dubai. It brings together various people from all over the world who are engaged with Forex. Forex industry giants participate in this conference, alongside Delta FX Broker –one of the most prominent and successful brokers in the Middle East. This exhibition is a great opportunity for people to present and receive guidance and orientation in Forex with the highest quality at the global level. Among the participants of this event are managers of companies that provide services to brokers, and traders AKA service providers.

The services include various forms of updated CRM technologies, risk management, different client-related panels, and several application robots to facilitate communication and interaction, and also to improve the speed of performance between brokers and clients in different areas such as online authentication, current payment methods, trading platforms, etc. Another group of participants is Forex brokers and their staff whose objective is to introduce their brands. Fundraisers form another group of participants who make large transactions with reputable and well-known brokers in a cooperative manner. Traders and IBs form a large number of people who take part in the Forex Expo to learn about the latest technologies and get acquainted with the latest trading techniques.

What happened at Forex Expo Dubai 2022?

This year at Forex Expo a great response from activists and those interested in the Forex industry was observed. The published statistics provide evidence that every year this event attracts more fans. The main statistics include more than 15,000 visitors, 6000 traders, 5000 investors, 300 B2B vendors, 3000 IB and affiliates, 1,200 brokers, 120 booths dedicated to the participants, and the speeches of 85 top personalities active in the field of Forex.

Side Activities at Forex Expo

On the sidelines of the Forex Expo Dubia 2022, meetings are arranged where participants discuss and share various topics related to the Forex market, i.e., different trading strategies are examined, and the future of the markets and related issues are discussed.

This year at Forex Expo Dubai 2022, Mr. Kianoush Asefi (Chief Operating Officer of Deltafx Broker) had a speech about Metaverse and the future of this technology. He was the youngest specialist in the field of financial markets to participate in this exhibition.

Best Forex Expo Dubai 2022 Nominees

At this event, awards are given to the activists and service providers in the field of Forex. On this basis, chapters will be determined, and digital survey forms will be issued to the visitors and companies that were present at the exhibition, as well as to the jury of the exhibition organizers. Discussions will be held with the participants and the best ones will be selected and presented.

the most creative company operating in the forex market
the most creative company operating in the forex market

As in previous years, Delta Broker was able to receive an award. This year, the award was given to Delta FX Broker as the most creative company operating in the forex market and offering new services to its clients.

The Most Influential Figures in financial markets at Forex Expo Dubai 2022

omid asefi the most influential person in the field of financial markets in the Middle East 2022
omid asefi the most influential person in the field of financial markets in the Middle East

As in previous years, we have seen a selection of active and high-profile personalities in the Forex field. This work aims to present successful personalities in the field of Forex trading and financial markets at the global level. In this context, Mr. Omid Asefi, CEO of Delta FX, became the first Iranian personality to receive this year’s award as the most influential person in the field of financial markets in the Middle East. Mr. Asefi’s expertise lies in the field of market psychology and capital management, which distinguishes him from other activists in this field.

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