Stock Market Report

Gold rose as the US unemployment rate came in lower than expected

The unemployment rate measures the percentage of the total labor force that was unemployed and actively looking for work in the past month. A higher than

The slight drop in the ISM factory production index and the indifference of the markets

The ISM Manufacturing Index, also known as the Purchasing Managers Index (PMI), is a monthly indicator of U.S. economic activity based on a survey of

The release of the meeting minutes of the members of the Federal Reserve coincides with the release of strong employment data from the United States

The term Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) refers to the branch of the Federal Reserve System (FRS) that determines the direction of monetary policy in the

Higher-than-expected release of Canadian consumer price index data and growth in the USD/CAD currency pair

The Canadian Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures changes in the prices of goods and services, excluding food and energy, from the perspective of consumers.

Following the release of higher than expected consumer confidence index, the value of gold and Dow Jones stocks rose in the markets.

The US CB Consumer Confidence Index measures the level of consumer confidence in economic activity. This index is a leading indicator because it can predict

Release of personal spending data in line with expectations and gold price growth in the markets

The U.S. Personal Consumption Expenditure (PCE) index measures price changes in goods and services purchased by consumers for use, excluding food and energy.

Higher-than-expected release of Canadian consumer price index data and growth in the USD/CAD currency pair

Canada’s monthly gross domestic product (GDP) measures annual changes in the inflation-adjusted value of all goods and services produced by the economy.

Unexpected Change in Monetary Policy of Japan Central Bank

On December 20, the Bank of Japan released its interest rate statement with a 0.25% increase in the 10-year bond yield. At the same time and following the

Limitation of indicators in the economic calendar on the eve of the New Year holidays

United States The possibility of continued light trading could continue as much of Wall Street heads into the New Year’s holiday this week. Despite the

A Change in Trader’s Risk Appetite Following the Dovish Tone of the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank

Following the publication of the FOMC and ECB statement, which was published with a strict approach, we saw a change in the opinion of traders and its high

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