21 June 2021
us dollar flying high

The US Dollar is flying high

The US dollar resumed its upward move on Friday and experienced the best performance of the year 2021 up to now. This rally happened after the […]
15 August 2021
green week for cryptocurrencies

Green week for cryptocurrencies

This week the cryptocurrency space was green, and the prices are still going higher. Bitcoin and Ethereum gained 14% and 16%, respectively, compared to last week […]
11 September 2021
analysts' views about gold

Analysts’ views about Gold

Analysts' views about Gold price is very different these days and their various ideas may confuse some investors. You should use different sources before taking a decision about your trades.
23 October 2021
smart vision investment expo 2021

DeltaFX Presence in Smart Vision Investment Expo Egypt 2021

Smart Vision Investment Expo Egypt is the largest expo of financial markets in the Middle East and will participate in this exhibiiton. It is a great opportunity for traders and investors to visit this exhibition. Don't forget to visit booth P3; we are eagerly waiting for you.
25 October 2021
smart vision investment expo 2021

Présence de Deltafx en Smart Vision Investment Expo Egypt 2021

Smart Vision Investment Expo Egypt 2021 est la plus grande exposition des marchés financiers au Moyen-Orient. Depuis 2009, Smart Vision propose des services uniques et globaux […]
26 October 2021
new cryptos

New Cryptocurrencies availabe for traders in DeltaFX

DeltaFX has provided its customers with many new cryptocurrencies and increased the trading opportunities for them.
1 November 2021
the most reliable forex broker

DeltaFX, The Most Reliable Broker

The Smart Vision Investment Expo 2021 was held in Cairo this year and DeltaFX won the award for the Most Reliable Forex Broker in this exhibition.
22 November 2021
the best introducing broker program

DeltaFX, Winner of Best Introducing-Broker Program

DeltaFX Broker won the award for the Best Introducing-Broker Program in the MENA region. Another important Forex market event was held on November 18 and 19 […]