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  • What is the RSI indicator?

    RSI that stands for Relative Strength Index is one of the most popular indicators of technical analysis in financial markets. Trader can use RSI to spot support and resistance levels and find the best points to enter and exit the
  • What is the Greed and Fear Index?

    the fear and greed index is a gauge to evaluate the two main emotions in the market which affect the investments. the more the fear, the more people are willing to sell their stocks. Also, the more the greed, the more people try to buy and make a profit as
  • What is CFD?

    CFDs allow investors to speculate on financial markets without buying or selling any underlying assets. you can use CFDs in different markets and use leverages to multiply your profit.
  • What is leverage?

    Leverage refers to using borrowed money as a source of investment to increase profits. There are 3 main types including leverages in business, investing or personal finances. you can significanlty multiply your profit using leverages.
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average

    DJIA is a price-weighted measurement of the stock market index that tracks 30 of the most prominent American companies. it was made in 1896 and it is used to gauge the u.s. stock market.
  • What is Price Action Trading?

    Price Action is a method that predicts the future trend of the market by analyzing the price movements of the market in specific periods. it has some measuring tools such as candlestick, trendline, and resistance and support levels.
  • What is Technical Analysis in Forex, and What is its Application?

    technical analysis investigates market behaviors by studying price charts, moving average prices, total trading volume and open trading volume, pattern formation and other technical indicators. in this method traders use these information to predict future
  • What is the Moving Average in Forex Trading?

    Moving Average is one of the simple tools used for technical analysis and it allows traders to detect and find the direction of trends. There are 2 types of moving averages which are called EMA and SMA.
  • How to Draw Support and Resistance Lines

    The Forex market offers traders the opportunity to make large profits if the support line and resistance level are well examined and evaluated. In this market, traders benefit from price fluctuations and buy or sell according to their type of analysis.
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