EUR USD Analysis

EURUSD Technical Analysis on daily timeframe: 17/07/2023

The EURUSD currency pair has experienced a significant increase in the past 10 days, breaking its recent resistance levels and reaching its 17-month high last

Technical Analysis of EUR/USD on an hourly timeframe: 12/07/2023

In the hourly chart of EUR/USD, this currency pair initiated a fresh increase from the 1.0835 area, and the euro climbed against the US dollar towards the

EUR/USD Technical Analysis: 26/06/2023

The EUR/USD currency pair started an upward movement after breaking the 1.0920 resistance level against the US dollar. The pair even reached above 1.1000

Technical Analysis of EURUSD on 1-hour Timeframe: 10/05/2023

Based on the technical analysis chart, the EURUSD currency pair is currently in an uptrend channel. If it breaks above the resistance level of 1.10911, the

Technical analysis of EURUSD in 1-hour timeframe: 05/03/2023

The observed technical analysis of the EURUSD currency pair indicates that it is currently in a downtrend channel. It is predicted that if the level of 1.10205

EURUSD technical analysis; 25/04/2023

From a long-term and technical analysis perspective, the EURUSD currency pair oscillates within its upward channel. However, given the price hitting the

Technical analysis of EURUSD time 3 hours and 30 minutes: 01-21-2023

in the higher fractal of 3 hours, we see growth and an upward wave in the form of a one-to-one channel located between 2 static resistance areas, with the

Technical analysis of the EURUSD currency pair

Last week, the price was in an uptrend to the level of 1.08681. The uptrend channel of this currency pair remains and the medium-term target of this currency

Technical analysis of the EURUSD currency pair; 08-01-2023

Last week and after the New Year, this currency pair was accompanied by a decline, but could not exceed the level of 1.04905. In a recovery movement in the

Technical analysis of the EURUSD currency pair; 25-12-2022

In the long term, the price continues to move in a neutral range between 1.06613 and 1.05787. The failure at this level indicates the long-term trend of this

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