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  • What is Ichimoku Indicator and how to Use it

    Ichimoku is a technical indicator used to measure market movements as well as areas of support and resistance that may form in the future. It is a great indicator for different tradying styles and you can use it for differnet assets such as stocks and
  • What is a margin call in the forex market?

    Margin call is a demand by a broker that an investor deposit further cash or securities to cover possible losses. Here in this article you will learn more about it. You will know how it happens and how you can control
  • What is Bollinger Bands in Forex Trading?

    Bollinger bands are one of the most famous types of technical analysis tools that refer to the price channels or bands that indicate the volatility range of an asset on a chart. by using them you can spot the best point to enter or exit a
  • Fibonacci and its use in technical analysis

    Fibonacci tools are technical indicators that show the important resistance and support levels with some lines. these tools include the retracements, arcs, fans and time zones.
  • Pivot Point Definition and How to Calculate and Use Them

    A Pivot Point helps you determine the most suitable entry point for the Forex
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