Limitation of indicators in the economic calendar on the eve of the New Year holidays

what you read here:1 United States2 European Union3 England United States The possibility of continued light trading could continue as much of Wall Street heads into the New Year’s holiday this week. Despite the light trading volume, next week is full

Technical Analysis of the EURUSD Currency Pair; 19-12-2022

Last week, this currency pair failed to break the level of 1.07843, or due to the upcoming New Year holidays, the market is expected to fluctuate in a neutral trend. Important Levels Next Week EURUSD Currency Pair In this section we will study the technical

Technical Analysis of the GBPUSD Currency Pair; 19-12-2022

As predicted last week, the price was in a downward trend and dropped to the level of 1.21600. This week, we expect the price to continue the downward trend to the level of 1.19946 after a slight upward correction. Important Levels Next Week GBPUSD Currency

Technical Analysis of the USDCAD Currency Pair; 19-12-2022

As predicted last week, the price entered an upward phase, but it has not yet managed to reach the level of 1.36960. In the event that the price succeeds in breaking the above level, we expect the price to rise to the level of 1.38340 in a sharp movement.

Technical Analysis of the USDCHF Currency Pair; 19-12-2022

As predicted last week, the price failed to break the bottom of its channel and entered an upward trend. Next week, we expect the upward trend to continue after a short-term correction. Important Levels Next Week USDCHF Currency Pair In this section, we will

Technical Analysis of the USDJPY Currency Pair; 19-12-2022

As predicted last week, the price is fluctuating in a neutral range and exiting the range can determine the future trend of this currency pair in the medium term. Important Levels Next Week USDJPY Currency Pair  In this section we will study the

A Change in Trader’s Risk Appetite Following the Dovish Tone of the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank

Following the publication of the FOMC and ECB statement, which was published with a strict approach, we saw a change in the opinion of traders and its high impact on the

The Market Reacted Negatively to Jeremy Powell’s Comments

The Federal Reserve, also known as the FOMC, is the central banking system of the United States and is responsible for guiding the monetary policy of the United States. Economic policy announcements and public statements by the Federal Reserve are among the

Sterling Falls After Weak Data, Euro and Swiss Franc Remain High

The pound was one of the weakest currencies last week after suffering a massive sell-off following the release of weak economic data. This selling pressure was particularly felt against the Euro and Swiss Franc, which were among the strongest currencies last

GBP/USD Jumps After lower-than-expected PMI Release

The British Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) measures the activity level of manufacturing purchasing managers. A reading above 50 indicates an expansion in manufacturing, while a reading below 50 indicates a contraction in the sector.

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