iFX EXPO Dubai 19-20 May 2021

The largest FinTech Global B2B Conference (iFXEXPO) will be held on May 19 and 20, 2021, in Dubai. DeltaFX is pleased to be one of the strongest Forex brokers in this event. iFX EXPO, the largest gathering of Forex traders globally, is held regularly every

twenty percent bonus plan

DeltaFX broker has offered a 20% bonus plan in standard accounts to improve the clients’ trading level. The details of this plan include the following items: This bonus is awarded only to the client’s standard account after each deposit. The total

cashback offer for DeltaFX users

Considering the competitiveness of spreads and at the request of the old DeltaFX broker clients, this broker has offered discounts on trading spreads with a cashback plan to satisfy its customers. Terms of use of this excellent plan are as follows:

DeltaFX participates in the Forex EXPO Conference

Forex EXPO is a great opportunity for those who want to join the forex world. They can see, learn and gain lots of information in one

What is Bollinger Bands in Forex Trading?

Bollinger bands are one of the most famous types of technical analysis tools that refer to the price channels or bands that indicate the volatility range of an asset on a chart. by using them you can spot the best point to enter or exit a

What is Day Trading?

Day trading is a trading style that involves buying and selling various financial assets and aiming to make a profit on the same day. It can help you make a ton of profit in a day if you experienced enough and have the necessary inforamtion to work as a day

What is Scalping in Forex?

Scalping is a rapid trading style in which a trader makes numerous trades a day and don't hold the positions more than a few minutues. A skillful trader can make a lot of profit by using this trading style. it requires an intense focus and a high range of

What is the RSI indicator?

RSI that stands for Relative Strength Index is one of the most popular indicators of technical analysis in financial markets. Trader can use RSI to spot support and resistance levels and find the best points to enter and exit the

Fibonacci and its use in technical analysis

Fibonacci tools are technical indicators that show the important resistance and support levels with some lines. these tools include the retracements, arcs, fans and time zones.

What is crypto staking?

The Crypto staking process concerns holding or locking your coins in a digital wallet in order to earn rewards or interest. etherem, tezos and EOS are the most famous cryptos that can be used for

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