​USDJPY Technical Analysis (m/m) :2023-01-31

As you can see on the picture, the USDJPY currency pair was able to form a red class A pattern after breaking the long-term trend line of the bottom above the C range (100.810). After the formation of this pattern, an ABCD and RECIPROCAL pattern was able to

The relative growth of the dollar and the yen, the doubts of traders in the markets

Despite the improvement in the yen and the dollar in the markets after the positive data from China, traders are cautious; Both the yen and the dollar are in recovery mode in Asian trading as investors remain cautious ahead of the Bank of England, Federal

Crude oil price drop on the eve of OPEC+ meeting

Despite the optimism of the markets regarding the improvement of the commercial and economic conditions of China against the doubts about the interest rate policy of the Federal Reserve and expectations for the OPEC+ decision on the process of reducing crude

EURCHF technical analysis in 45 minutes: 2023-01-29

After the break of the trend line with decreasing slope to the static area of 1.00334, we have seen an uptrend. Now that the gold trend has reached the blue support area at 1.00334, we can expect another decline in the form of a zigzag. It is worth noting

Technical analysis of XAUUSD in 3 hours: 2023-01-29

As noted in the past analysis of all targets, from a technical point of view, it is now expected that in the space outside the harmonic pattern and from the point of view of the price action and the classic pattern of breaking the trend line with a high

AUDCAD technical analysis in 1 hour time: 2023-01-29

In a higher combination, we can expect the formation of a pattern with a black target in the area of 0.93869 overlapping with it, a smaller pattern with 2 purple targets in the ranges of 0.94166 and 0.93479 can be expected. The targets in the area of 0.94166

An analysis of the dollar’s performance over the next week

The US dollar was flat in trading this week, forming a Doji on the weekly chart for the second week in a row. However, this trend is likely to stall this week as the economic calendar for next week is packed with important economic events, particularly data

US PCE Price index of net personal consumption expenditure

The price index of net personal consumption expenditures (PCE) measures price changes in goods and services purchased by consumers for consumption, excluding food and energy. Prices are calculated based on the total cost of each item. This index measures

The Overtaking of US Dollar Following the Publication of GDP

Gross domestic product (GDP) measures the annual change in the inflation-adjusted value of all goods and services produced by the economy. It is the most comprehensive measure of economic activity and the primary indicator of the health of the economy. The

Canadian overnight interest rate

The Canadian overnight interest rate is a measure or estimate of the rate at which large dealers can fund their securities balances for one business day. This rate is determined by the Bank of Canada (BOC) at the end of the day based on a survey of major

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