Technical analysis of AUDUSD on 4-hour timeframe: 02/05/2023

Given the price movements of the AUDUSD currency pair and the formation of a bearish butterfly pattern, it is expected to create a long-term downtrend. If the level of 0.66967 is broken, it is expected first to touch the support level of 0.66427, and then

The bearish pattern of the butterfly in the USDCHF currency pair in 4 hours: 05/01/2023

In the technical analysis of the USDCHF currency pair (in the picture below), the price is expected to be in a long-term downtrend according to the daily chart’s formation of the bearish butterfly pattern. In case of breaking the level of 0.89416, the

Dow Jones Technical Analysis; 27/04/2023

In technical analysis of the Dow Jones index and given the formation of a descending butterfly pattern on the daily chart, the price is expected to enter a long-term downtrend. Therefore, the initial price targets are at 32791 and then 31746. It should be

EURUSD technical analysis; 25/04/2023

From a long-term and technical analysis perspective, the EURUSD currency pair oscillates within its upward channel. However, given the price hitting the ceiling of the channel and the formation of a double-top pattern, we expect the price to decrease slightly

UK monthly gross domestic product (GDP) index

Gross domestic product (GDP) measures annual changes in the inflation-adjusted value of goods and services produced by the economy. This index is the broadest measure of economic activity and the primary indicator of economic health. Publishing a higher than

Canadian unemployment rate index

The unemployment rate index measures the percentage of the total unemployed workforce who are actively looking for work in the last month. Publishing a higher than expected figure should be considered negative/bearish for CAD, while reporting a lower than

Technical analysis of S&P stocks in 4 hours; 2023-02-12

The S&P stock has created a harmonic pattern in its downtrend movement after breaking the trend line with a higher slope in the higher time frame. Currently, facing a resistance level from the previous movements and in the range of 4136.85, three ranges

EURGBP technical analysis in 4 hours and daily; 2023-02-12

In the monthly time frame of the EURGBP currency pair, the process can be seen as a combination of different patterns formed inside. In the last movement and in the low times, the area of the green box is the best place to make a decision. In the day time, we

U.S. Michigan Consumer Sentiment

The University of Michigan’s Consumer Sentiment Index assesses the relative level of current and future economic conditions. Two versions of this data are released at two-week intervals, a preliminary and a revised version. Primary data tend to be more

U.S. Unemployment Rate published below expectations

The unemployment rate measures the percentage of the total labor force that was unemployed and actively looking for work in the past month. A higher-than-expected number should be considered negative/bearish for the dollar, while a lower-than-expected number

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