GBP/USD Technical Analysis: June 27, 2023

The British pound rose after breaking the 1.2750 resistance against the US dollar. Before the bears emerged, the GBP/USD currency pair touched the 1.2850 resistance.Looking at the 4-hour chart of this currency pair, a bearish correction can be seen in the

EUR/USD Technical Analysis: 26/06/2023

The EUR/USD currency pair started an upward movement after breaking the 1.0920 resistance level against the US dollar. The pair even reached above 1.1000 before the bears took control. Looking at the 4-hour chart, a downward correction can be observed from

GBPUSD Technical Analysis; June 22, 2023

Cable is facing doubts among traders regarding the future of the UK economy as inflation rates intensified last month. The currency pair’s trend indicates a decline in the rally, and selling pressure below 1.2770 prompted short-term buyers to enter the

GBP/USD Technical Analysis on the 1-hour timeframe: 29/05/2023

In the 1-hour chart of GBP/USD, this currency pair started a significant decline from the level of 1.2475, and the British pound dropped below the support level of 1.2390 against the US dollar. Continuing the bearish movement, the bears pushed this pair

Technical Analysis of the USDCAD on the 4-hour Timeframe: 25/05/2023

By looking at the 4-hour technical analysis chart, you will find that the USDCAD currency pair is above the 1.3500 level, between the 100-period simple moving average and the 200-period simple moving average. If the resistance level of 1.3620 is broken, the

Technical Analysis of GBPUSD on the 1-hour timeframe: 15/05/2023

As observed in the technical analysis chart of the GBPUSD, it appears that a bearish trend scenario is more likely. Therefore, if these currency pair breaks the support level of 1.24394, the next price targets within a bearish trend would be 1.23702 and

Technical Analysis of EURUSD on 1-hour Timeframe: 10/05/2023

Based on the technical analysis chart, the EURUSD currency pair is currently in an uptrend channel. If it breaks above the resistance level of 1.10911, the next price target would be 1.12847. Otherwise, in a downtrend, after breaking the support level of

Technical analysis of USDCHF on 4-hour timeframe: 05/04/2023

on the technical analysis of the USDCHF currency pair, a bullish butterfly pattern can be observed. Crossing the range of 0.88051 to 0.88353 indicates the uptrend of this currency pair. It is expected that by surpassing the defined range, the resistance

Technical analysis of EURUSD in 1-hour timeframe: 05/03/2023

The observed technical analysis of the EURUSD currency pair indicates that it is currently in a downtrend channel. It is predicted that if the level of 1.10205 is broken during a downtrend, the price targets of 1.09388 and then 1.09014 could be

Technical Analysis of XAUUSD in 4-Hour Timeframe: 03/05/2023

Based on the bearish butterfly pattern observed on the 4-hour timeframe chart for XAUUSD, it is likely that the precious metal will experience a prolonged downtrend. If it fails to break through the red range depicted in the image, the next target prices for

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