How to open a Forex Trading Account in DeltaFX broker

This article is a step-by-step guide that helps you open a trading account in DeltaFX broker. In addition, you can see the features of different accounts

The Forex Market vs the Cryptocurrency Market

In this article, we aim to talk about the pros and cons and details of forex and cryptocurrency markets so that you can choose your desired market

What is an Islamic Forex Trading Account?

An Islamic Forex account is a type of trading account that allows Muslims to trade without paying any interest rate or commission. In this article, you will learn about these acounts, their pros and cons, and the necessity to use them in some situations.

What Are Forex Robots? Are Forex Fobots Profitable

A forex robot is a trading software that is able to take trading decisions automatically and help traders spot the best opportunities. In this article you can learn about the their pros and cons and differences.

Binary Options Contracts

Binary options contracts have two possible results at expiration time in which you make a fixed profit or lose your money. In this article you will learn everything about binary options in detail with their pros and

What is a Carry Trade?

Carry Trade is one of the most well-known investment methods in the financial markets that involves borrowing or selling a low-interest rate asset to use that money for buying another high-interest rate asset. In this article you can learn how to do it and be

Liquidity in the Forex Market

Liquidity refers to the speed at which a particular asset can be bought and sold in a market without affecting the price. In this article you will learn what liquidity is, how it effects traders, and how you can measure it and avoid the related risks.

Elliott Waves Theory Definition: Patterns, Rules and Guidelines

The Elliott Wave Theory is a technical analysis that tries to find repetitive price patterns pertaining to changes in investors' emotions. this theory identifies different wave types such as motive or corrective. it also uses fibonacci sequence to predict the

Futures Contracts in the Forex Market

Futures contracts promise to buy or sell specific assets or securities at a predetermined price in the future. This article helps you become familiar with different types of futures contracts with its history and

What is Ichimoku Indicator and how to Use it

Ichimoku is a technical indicator used to measure market movements as well as areas of support and resistance that may form in the future. It is a great indicator for different tradying styles and you can use it for differnet assets such as stocks and

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